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NND Asagi spawning 2011

We are producing Asagi and Aka Matsuba this season again.

We had very good result last season with this Asagi, very fine quality
Asagi and Akamatsuba are growing in our mud ponds now.
These are growing koi! We will have very good collection of Nisai Asagi
and Aka Matsuba this fall.

The female parent koi comes from Higashi koi farm; she is a 4th generation 
offspring of a cross between Jumbo Akamuji over one meter and a wild looking 
Jumbo Magoi. Mr. Higashi crossed the F1 generation with Marudo Asagi, 
and stabilized the Asagi in the 4th generation. 

We look forward to sellecting these Asagi again this season, and also 
look forward to harvesting Nisai Asagi and Aka Matsuba. 

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NND Oomo Showa 1st selection

NND Oomo Showa 1st selection 2011 Looking great! Looks like there are going to be many beautiful Oomo Showa again this year. Please watch and enjoy.
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Kaneko Kujaku 1st selection

Kaneko Kujaku 1st selection Looking good!!
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NND Oomo Showa "Kuroko" culling

NND Oomo Showa 1st crop production is under way - spawning for 1st crop production is finished, and "Kuruko" fry are let into 17 mud ponds. In this movie, Fujio Oomo introduces how "kuroko" fry are selected.
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A new mud pond under construction

NND is building a new mud pond in Yomogihira mountain area, where
many of Marusho's beautiful mud ponds are located.

Yomogihira mountain area is blessed with many things -

a lot of sunshine, always nice breezes to provide ponds with lots of oxygen,

cristal clear mountain stream water and rich soil fit for koi pond.

And with wonderful views to see.


Photos also showing on Facebook (click to jump to Facebook)
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